Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Manny

Manny was well prepared for his birthday this year. He had a sweet routine of telling me to sing "Happy Birthday" to him and afterward he would clap. :) This has been going on for needless to say once we were all sitting around the table getting ready to sing together for his big day he decided to take the bull by the horns and get us started.

So now he is four. Which means next year he will be five, and then he will be starting school and then......
I have a bad habit of thinking too much about that kind of thing instead of just enjoying what they are now.

Some of his recent cute four-ness.......

He calls himself "Robber Manny", which is his translation of his full name, Immanuel Robert. I often refer to him as such when I am to get his attention. It might be a bit dyslexic, but always worth a chuckle.

At every mass we attended during advent we sang "O come, O come, Emmanuel"......which I tried to bring his attention to, but never seemed to really sink in.......
until Christmas day, when he couldn't understand why we weren't singing HIS song :)

Thanks to cousin Gwen and Neana, he had some scrumdillicious "Cars" themed cupcakes this year and a nice celebration....albeit a day early, but at this age, you can get away with things like that as long as there are presents and cupcakes!

Happy, Happy Birthday our main "Man"!

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