Saturday, January 17, 2009

The difference between boys and girls.........

at our house, anyway. :)

This morning I decided to get dinner started in the morning since my plan is to move all the rooms around and I knew I'd be pooped by supper-time.
While I was attending to things, Jed, who was eating breakfast at the island, spilled his milk all over the floor.
"Jed!" I said. "You have to clean that up!" "But mom....." he wailed. "I can't! I don't know how!"


As I was holding a heavy pot of meat that needed to be drained I put off handing him a paper towel and lifting him off his chair to attend to it. As I walked away from the sink I noticed Miss Ella down there with towel in hand mopping up the milk.
"Isn't that cute!" I thought. "She'll get a little bit of it taken care of and then Jed and I will get the rest up." The next time I looked the job was done. ;)

and in deference to the males in our family.....
the difference between girls and boys?
The reason I expect to get the rooms switched around in about an hour or two comes (well, the furniture moving part :) in the form of 3 nearly or over 6 ft teen/young adult, brawny boys. Naomi and I just stand by smiling and nodding as the furniture flies up and down the hallways.

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