Monday, January 19, 2009

Daybook 1-19-09

FOR TODAY . . .MLK day. The kids are jonesing for a day off of school like "the rest of the kids". HA! I think I may just have them do math, though. Mom could use a day off ;)

Outside my window. . . I think the temperature this morning is 13. Positively balmy ;)

I am thinking. . . about more furniture moving plans. The boys will not be happy.

I am thankful for. . . teen boys who can move furniture.

From the schoolroom. . . In all our moving I actually got a space in the office for a desk....

yee-haw! Finally a place to keep all my *stuff* safe from the maddening crowds. I wasted no time emptying all my *up high* baskets of office type items that were strewn about the house in the drawers and making an organized desk top.

From the kitchen. . . we made Neana's chili on Saturday and it was terrific! I cooked it all day and the aroma was driving everyone crazy. heh heh I know how to torture people or what? ;)

I am wearing. . . navy sweats, powder blue fleece, crocs. What do I plan to wear? Brown pants and brown patterned top.

I am going. . . I think we are going to check out the new Target today. Noah and Dyl are off to the March for Life in DC starting tomorrow.

I am reading. . . Georgiana and Elizabeth. More English history.

I am hoping. . . (praying) the boys will have a safe journey there, back and during their stay in the capital.

I am hearing. . silence. 6:23 and Jed isn't up!

Around the house. . . revised the room switch. Al moved in with Dyl and Noah so we now have an official bachelor pad :) Since it is painted black ( that's got to change....yikes! my "to paint" list this spring is mighty long) and usually an EXTREME mess, I'm going to dub it the "black hole". Ella moved in with Jed and Manny and they are so excited about it :) The room actually looks cute. Long ago I found some bright pink curtains with orange specks on them, and they match perfectly with the orange walls. So I can have a girly side and a boy-ish side. It works for now, anyway. Geo and Jacks moved into Al's old room and that spoiled - - - -, er, um, sweet pea Naomi still has her own room. But it won't be long, Sissy, it won't be long......

One of my favorite things. . .making everyone happy! LOL- that is an issue I have. I probably like it waaayyy too much. Unhealthy, really. ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .finish up rooms. Get boys ready to go. Figure out some fun things to do while they are gone. Get the 500 bags of clothes and other give- away items out of the house. Get the downstairs cleaned up because when you focus your attention on one part of the house, the other generally falls apart.

Here is picture thought I am sharing. . .

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Kris said...

Mother I will no longer let you use any of my photos because you are extra mean. I was perfectly open to Gabriella moving into my room. HMPH!


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