Sunday, September 5, 2010

The end of summer 2010

Dyl and Naomi found a turtle on the road while out running and brought it back for us to check out.

I love to see Jed out swinging ( although he mostly a swing- hog, much to the consternation of his siblings :) because it reminds me of my younger days when I would spend hours out on our backyard swing. Complete with my cherished "tomato" radio sitting next to the tree waiting for "Kung Fu Fighting" or some other popular song to come on. Thankfully, Jed usually listens to a "Redwall" book on cd.
Black Eyed Susan's plucked from a neighboring field.
Summer sewing projects; purse A
clutch ( which I will use for jewelry when traveling...since I travel so often! ha ha)
apron made from a thrift store sheet
Purse B for Naomi
Somewhat lame attempts at face painting, which I thankfully didn't have to do much of at the festival!

more clandestine wildflowers. Well, to assuage my raging conscience, I tell myself that this path has almost no one ever on it but us, and is SO overgrown it is almost unpassable at who would miss a few bunches of flowers? Still, I nearly cringe on the way back to the car hoping no one will come by and yell at me.

Outside my window: Very chilly and fall -like. For how long? Who knows? I thought I saw it is supposed to be near 90 in a couple days!

I am thinking ---- The ironies of life. One day this week I was on my way to "Papa Joe's", a gourmet market in town. I was listening to the news and of course, there was some big story on the gloom and doom of the economy. It seemed so funny to drive into a parking lot filled with shiny, new, expensive cars and stand in line with a crowd of people waiting in line at the deli to pay 10.99 a lb for turkey breast right after hearing that. (Of course, I wasn't paying that! heck no! ;) I just wanted some coleslaw and feta, which, of course, were reasonably priced....cough, cough ;) It felt very surreal to be in this fancy market, as if on a different planet than the one touted in the news story. Quite a different *scene* from a graduation party we recently attended where there was story after story of people/families struggling to get by. Not many shiny new cars lined the street of that get-to-gether. I don't really know what all this means ( well, I have some ideas), but it has crowded my thoughts lately.
From the schoolroom: I am struggling to get school together for it's big start on Tuesday. It doesn't help that I am not feeling well, but you can't expect life to make everything easy for you ( although I always do ;) I must say I am more nervous about starting this new year and new program than I have been in a long while. Deep breath. One day at a time!
From the kitchen: I made some eggplant Parmesan this week for the first time in a while. I realized why I don't make it that often is because I am the only one who will eat it and I am not fond enough of it to keep eating it day after day.

I am reading,watching and listening:

Read: The Island Under the Sea by Isabelle Allende

This was a good read. I do like I. Allende because she usually writes historical novels about somewhere in Latin America. Sometimes she gets a little, uh, I don't know, melodramatic? Kind of a funny word to describe a novel. If you can't be melodramatic in a novel, where can you be?:) I like this quote from it. "Walking and walking across the world he will gradually find consolation, and one day, when he is too fatigued to take another step, he will realize that he cannot escape sorrow, he will have to tame it, so that it doesn't harass him."

Started: Fathers and Sons by Alexander Waugh. An autobiography/biography of a few generations of the "Waugh" men. Specifically the father/son relationships ( hence the title! ;) So far, I am finding it very interesting and informative.

Listened to:
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

This was a charming book. Probably not one I would have picked had I just read the description, but I had heard good reviews. A lovely story of finding love later in life, of rural life in modern day England and the struggles with prejudices they deal with there. (It really wasn't as hokey as I make it sound :)

Watched: "House of Eliot"
which was a British mini series from about 10 years ago. It focused on two sisters working in the London fashion industry in the 20's ( side note: how I would love to see "20's" style back in vogue. Feminine and pretty but with a bit of flair !) At times a bit cheesy, but it hooked me and I plodded through all 500 episodes ( not really ;) before it ended with a thud. Apparently they didn't know the show was to be canceled so it was a bit of a cliffhanger that will leave you eternally hanging. :)

Around the house: Tried to start painting the bathroom but that didn't really ever get off the ground.

What we will do this week: Well, besides starting school...what else is there? :) 3,000 soccer practices and games ( I am a bit prone to exaggeration today) An equal number of birthday's. ;) and perhaps a get-together or two.

Streams of consciousness from a mother of 10 who usually can't collect her thoughts and finds commas a nuisance.