Monday, January 5, 2009

Daybook for the week of January 5th

For Today....Dylan's big basketball game against HAACH. Everyone is geeked.

Outside my Window…dark. Just cold and gray. Typical January.

I am thinking….I need to get downstairs and get my school stuff organized. Haven't touched it at all during break.

I am thankful for….a really fun Christmas this year.

From the kitchen…yesterday we had a traditional turkey dinner, with cheese, sausage and crackers appetizer, bruschetta and tuscan pinwheels.

I am creating….. thought up some new sewing projects. Whether or not I will get to them remains to be seen.

I am wearing sweats and gray sweatshirt. Typical morning wear.

I am reading.... Found a book at the library called "Liberty", snapshots of the lives of 6 women during the French Revolution. So far, interesting.

I am hoping…..I WAS hoping to wake up this morning and start on a new, healthy eating plan. But there were Christmas cookies on the counter and Therese's delicious pumpkin cake calling me from the fridge.

I am hearing...."Fransformers" ( manny's version of Transformers) on the TV. The boys have found it comes on at 6 am. LOL! I guess you have to be an early bird to be a Transformer fan.

Around the house…Well, things are basically clean from our dinner party last night, so I just need to get school stuff in gear.

One of my favorite things: a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..Dyl turns 18 on Saturday. I am hoping we can take him down to Greektown for his big day ( his idea) other than that, back to the usual grind. :)

A picture I am sharing with you: Ruthie and Ella. She is such a baby charmer. :)

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