Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The best laid plans

Today I was bound and determined to really get things back on track. Yes, we have been back to school since Monday but sticking to the usual routine has been a bit dicey. I know the reality is that this is a big ship and it takes a while to get it steered in the right direction, but I decided to make a concerted effort to get things in order TODAY.

My first resolution was to not let Jed and Manny watch tv in the morning. I've gotten into the bad habit of letting them watch a show ( or 2) while I am attending to projects first thing. Well, my first project was to clean up the laundry room. I was patting myself on the back on Sunday because I only saw a couple of half filled laundry baskets of dirty clothes. However, once Monday rolled around I got the whole story and it wasn't pretty.

While starting there I found that the tupperware of chili I had set on the dryer ( admittedly not very bright) while cleaning out the fridge in there had spilled ( of course!) and the contents had fallen between the washer and dryer. I had to move the washer and clean it up, and while I was doing that became aware of all the gunk and goo that was also under the washer. Which I also ( in good conscience) had to clean up.
Well, that did it. I caved and let them watch their newly discovered Transformers cartoon so I could have some peace and quiet while attending to this distasteful job. To further my woe, I found there were big splashes of dried on chili on the wall.....which need to be soaked in cleanser before I could get it off. There went starting a new load or two for the forseeable future.

Since they were quietly watching tv I decided to try and sneak in a workout ( another resolution). My left ear has been cracking and popping since my most recent cold, but obviously there is something worse going on because after about two sets of sit ups I got the worst attack of vertigo complete with gut wrenching nausea. Oh darn, no sit-ups for awhile. :)

Thankfully George was up by now so I laid down on the couch trying to keep very still. I fell asleep. And didn't wake up for an hour. The tv was still on. But I felt better. :)

And so my third resolution which was to make SURE everyone was up by 8 and attending to their duties was out the door as well.

I'm not sure what the moral of the story is, but I have made sure NOT to make anymore resolutions. Today, anyway. :)

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