Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 great things about having a house-full of boys....

1. You'll feel like *Top Chef* after every meal.

2. If you have the teenage variety who are taller and brawnier than you, you'll never have to climb up on a ladder to reach something nor lift anything heavy. An added boon when you love to re-arrange rooms or drag interesting furniture out of the trash. ;)

3. Generally emotionally stable. Not much drama with boys. :)

4. No matter how you look, they make you feel like Miss America.

5. Very protective of their mama.

6. They are hard on the walls and furniture, but I think I have somewhat learned to chuckle at their boisterousness and nutty ideas of fun.

7. Since their standards of cleanliness are so low, they often refer to me as Mrs Clean. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

8. You really could get away with supplying a wardrobe for them of just two t-shirts and a favorite pair of jeans (or gym shorts, whatever the season may be). Underdupe negotiable.

9. Since they enjoy eating so much they often turn into very good cooks ( smacking my lips and rubbing my hands waiting for Dyl's birthday dinner ;)

10. It is lovely seeing them turn into men you know will be good dads and good husbands someday ( or good priests :)? keeping my fingers crossed, Lord! ;) ;) and devoted to the body of Christ.

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Kris said...

Boys aren't the most wonderful creatures in the world...even though thats what you play them out to be.


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