Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year.....A new bed.

It has been years since we've bought furniture from a furniture store.
I think at least 5 or 6. That was a couch that is now in a landfill somewhere.
That fact has soured us on spending lots of dough on new furniture. The reality of things around here is that furniture gets A LOT of wear and tear, and it's no use forking out large sums of money on things that will inevitably get ruined in a short amount of time. Not good for the blood pressure. For that reason, the Salvation Army and trash day have served us well :) ( and perhaps a few cast offs from friends and relatives). So it was a little strange and surreal actually looking for and BUYING a new piece from a store. Ikea was the store, this is the bed to fit our new mattress ( which was also a deal).
Yes, it was even worth going to a VERY. CROWDED. IKEA with our four youngest. George wasn't an issue since he is 10, and the girl sits *pretty* well in the cart ( blabbering "Hi-kea" a million times). The 4 & 5 yo's were a bit more trouble. We thought they'd love to go hang out in the play area. They didn't. :(
All in all it was fine. I was thinking about Dylan turning 18 and commented to Tim on the way home that it didn't seem all that long ago we were wrangling with the four oldest when the were little on shopping trips. We don't often take those younger ones with us on such outings since we have babysitters now, so it was kind of a blast from the past but also sort of sweet.
When we got home Naomi said "You know, there isn't all that much to do when Gabriella isn't around, I was kind of bored!" LOL LOL I'm going to print those words out and hang them over her bed. :)

I must say I really LOVE it this bed. It's not often I find something I REALLY love and can afford, but this did the trick. It looks a bit delicate but is actually quite sturdy. Since our bedroom doesn't get the usual amount of little kid traffic, here's hoping this piece will keep us in good stead for quite awhile.

I have all sorts of ideas (thanks to a web search) on what do to with those canopies. One lady had some sort of textile just draped over the back, which is what I am most interested in doing. Just have to find the right pattern/fabric. Salvation Army, here I come!

( and many, many thanks to my darling dh and Noah for dutifully putting it together last night!;)

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