Saturday, January 3, 2009

For meemaw.........

Loyal, Jed's hero. I actually got him to wear a sweater yesterday because "Loyal had one like it". :)
Comfort and Glory.
Melissa ( Betsey and Ron's daughter) little boy. A day younger than Ella.
A game of Pictionary at Aunt Betsey's Mercy, Doug, Liberty and Noah
Noah and Abigail
Dylan and Evangeline
Mr and Mrs Charles Greathouse (Susan)
Naomi and Dodie ( their youngest)
Noah and Evangeline
Evangeline, Naomi, and Mercy
Group shot. A little dark. Naomi, Mercy, Justice, Noah, Evangeline,Dyl and Liberty
Jed enjoying his Sonny's :)

(Some of)The girls. Abigail, Evangeline, Naomi, Mercy and Liberty
Naomi, Noah and Abigail talking shop.
Noah and Mercy

Noah and Evangline

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