Monday, January 26, 2009

Walk 4 life? ( or pictures you'll NEVER see on the news!)

Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Connecting with Frederick Douglass

Dyl, Andrew and I'm not sure. :)
Looks like quite a crown. No matter, maybe if we ignore them ( like we do every year) they'll go away. pfffttt

The Verizon Center.
Yep, folks, FILLED with those looney pro-life types. ;)

Dylan told us a funny story about his time in D.C. Apparently there was a young man standing in front of a museum they were visiting and noticed they were from Michigan. He came over to them and said "Oh wow! You're from Michigan, too! So am I!"
and then added.... "Were you here for the inauguration?!"
To which Dylan replied "No". :)
"Oh--so you are here for-- the walk?"
"Yep, the MARCH" says Dyl.

He walked away a bit dejectedly muttering "Enjoy your stay".

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