Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daybook for the week after Christmas 2008

For Today....New Year's Eve! Going thrifting with my partner in crime, Neana this morning. Tonight we will have a little "h'ors d'orvere dinner and then the older ones will go out to the midnight celebration downtown.

Outside my Window…dark and more snow!

I am thinking….what a wonderful world.

I am thankful for….my travelers are safely home and incorporated back into family life.

From the kitchen…tonight I think we will revisit chicken wings and bruschetta. Shrimp, taquitos and guac, raw veggies, ham dip?

tomorrow: subs, neana's chili, taco dip, more bruschetta? or artichoke dip? Happy Birthday cupcakes for Manny and perhaps some brownies.

I am creating….. sewing list. check. painted boys room. check.

I am wearing sweats and gray sweatshirt. What I will wear; khaki's with new beige hoodie. BOOTS!

I am reading.... Theodosia Burr. Aaron Burr, Esther Burr. I am on a Burr kick. obviously.

Don't know why these people endlessly fascinated me. Those times were beyond fascinating.

Such a collection of characters that founded our country. We barely have any one great leader in any sort of setting these days, yet back then, there were dozens. All working together for a common cause. Of course they weren't without their eccentricities and scruples, but you can't deny their greatness as men. I like to read about their families as well to see where it all came from.

I am hoping… stick to my New Year's resolutions. It's always nice to have a fresh new year to believe you will banish all the annoying and irritating bad habits you have. ha ha ha

I am hearing....heater running and Jed telling me he is hungry. Wow- he slept until 6 am today. A record, I think! ;)

Around the house…I need to deep clean the kitchen today. Definitely have been putting that one off, and obviously am still at it! ;)

One of my favorite things: as much as I enjoy Christmas..... Christmas being over. ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week…..besides New Year's plans....a trip to IKEA to look for a new bedframe. A family dinner at Mexican village funded by Nanny's Christmas check ( we never ALL go out together anymore, too costly) and a trip to the Historical Museum. Ephiphany dinner party with the Noodles and the Williams ( and there seems to be a long list of others the boys keep asking to come) on Sunday.

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