Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Quick takes Friday

1. I don't think we've brought the snow pants down from the attic in recent years. This year is different. I'm pleased to say they've been getting a pretty good work out......and more snow is predicted for tomorrow! ( 7 inches!) I took the little kids sledding for the first time in a lllooonngg time Sunday. I remember taking them several years back when Jed was a baby and stayed in the car with him :) but other than that, I don't think I've hit the hills for quite some time.
It really was a heart-warming-ly wonderful time. A large crowd of fellow Michiganders out enjoying the day. It wasn't awfully cold ( like it is today, windchill -21) the snow was gorgeous, the hills perfectly compacted. Ah, the glories of a Michigan winter........when we have one! ;)
Little Ella Belle had the most fun and cried heartwrenchingly when we were leaving ( and it is a LONG walk back to the car from that hill! :)

2. Yesterday as I was browning some Italian sausage for our lunch-time pita pizzas Dyl walked in and said "I thought you were going to get us on a healthier eating plan?" LOL! Well, as I told him, I feel the need to use up all the junk and high fat items. I don't really know why I can't just throw them away ( I have so many excuses to not get down to business in this area!) Still, it is nice to have someone keeping me accountable. ;)

3. On that note, our Dyl and his Panthers won another game on Wednesday night. That means only one loss so far and that was the heartbreaking one point loss to their arch rivals. :) Good job, boys!

4. Since we have one less family member in the house it has made me re-think room arrangements. No use leaving an empty bed empty :) The plan hasn't pleased everyone. Poor George is feeling quite despondent about being left with his two youngster brothers while Jackson gets to move up in the world and in with his two older. Al is being rerouted to Naomi's room ( off to Home Depot to find paint to color over those ice cream pastels!) and Ella is moving with Naomi into Al's old room........which is a great shade of blue that my 14 yo tomboy loves, but it breaks my heart to put my teeney girly-girl in there. Well, it WILL be painted lavendar at some point :) I'm bound and determined to find some curtains that will soften it for now.

5. It really is a relief when I've got one that *catches* on to reading fairly quickly. Considering the struggles I've had with a few of them ( and still do) my heart sings when I catch a break :) and am working with one who gets on with it with relative ease. The current boys is Jed and he is just about ready to take off on his own....and not quite 6! Hooo-ray!

6. I can't believe it is already just about time for the March For Life! Dyl and Noah will be heading to D.C. next week for several days. I'm always so proud that they go, even though I know there is an added bonus of having fun with friends :) Dyl is going on the "Right to Life" bus and Noah is going with some friends.

7. There really are some very sad and heartbreaking stories out there of people who are struggling financially....
a friend of ours started an e-mail loop seeking donations for struggling families in the Church and homeschooling community. Some of them we know somewhat personally and had no idea. It reminds me that you never know what crosses people are bearing just from surface appearances. Kudo's to Ken Sharp for coming up with this ministry!

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