Tuesday, January 6, 2009

7 Quick ( or not so quick :) takes

1. Sonic is a fast food restaurant......right? Fast food not a gourmet french eatery whose culinary delights have been touted in Bon Appetite. It opened yesterday. There were literally lines a MILE long ( no exaggeration). I haven't figured out exactly what that means, but there is a message in there somewhere.

2. Wooo---last night's game was an exciting nail biter. I think the boys were down 25 points and came back in the fourth quarter to close the lead by 1! They even had the last shot.....and a chance to win but it wasn't meant to be. I'm not sure I really care that they lost, they did such an amazing job coming back in such a short amount of time.

3. Some great recipes we tried yesterday; Cream of tomato soup and toasted pita's with Parmesan butter compound. I've tried for years to find a tomato bisque that rivaled ( or even mimicked) La Madeline's. Never have. Until now. And I could make it myself! And it was a fairly cheap recipe I could actually serve for dinner some time.
Whadda find!
( We didn't add the bacon to our soup, nor the italian herbs since they aren't my favorite. I just added some fresh chopped parsley. We also didn't use the compound butter for the grilled cheese but spread it on greek pita triangles.)

4. On the way home from the game Tim wanted to stop in at Meijer. Knowing his tendency to make *stops* in the store into hour long excursions we were all screaming ( ok, a bit melodramatic) moaning and groaning for him NOT to do this!
Well, we were all silenced when he waltzed out of there in a record 10 minutes. I think the bet about him getting up at 5:30 to watch the kids so I could go to the Y *might* have had something to do with it! ;)
To his credit, though, he took all three littles to the Y with him yesterday and afforded me a nice walk.

5. I am reading the Duggar's new book "20 and Counting". I really rolled my eyes at this one, thinking what more could we possibly need to know about the Duggar's? They have a million tv shows on the air and are constantly covered by the media. After reading a few online reviews from mom's I admire, I decided to give it a try. And it IS interesting and does have much more information on the how's and why's of how they raise their extra large family. Even Naomi has been sneaking peeks of it LOL!

6. We went to the most delicious Mexican restaurant in Mexican town on Saturday. Usually we go to El Zocolo, but accross the street we happened to see a sign on a restaurant touting a *buffet*. For our family ( and the WHOLE family went), buffets are good even if the quality of food isn't the best. The atmosphere of the restaurant left a bit to be desired but the food was SOOOOOOOOO good. Very authentic ( as if I know what authentic Mexican food is....I've never eaten there! :) but I guess what I imagine authentic Mexican food to be. A winner.

7. It's 6:37 am and Jed isn't up yet. A miracle ( or he is getting sick).

8. (oops-one over) I watched a great documentary I found on Netflix over the Christmas break. "All My Babies" It originally a public service message for black midwives in rural Georgia in the 50's. Wow- what an eye popping view into life for our african american brothers and sisters back then.
It even showed a live birth. I've never seen any of my children being born. The nurse always asked if I wanted a mirror but I declined. When I was 6 or 7 I was watching a PBS show on babies being born and I was so traumatized by it I told my mother I was NEVER having a baby.
I guess she chuckles about that now. :) I almost think I would have no problem watching myself have a c-section rather than a baby of mine coming out naturally.

It also had another public service message called "Palmour Street"on how to raise your children correctly.....which seems a bit condencending now, but I guess that was the reality back then.
But, you know, I really appreciated ( besides viewing the historical aspect of it) the example of the *good* mother interacting with her children. It was so sweet to see the joy she took in being around her kids, even in their impoverished circumstances.
I think we all need to see that from time to time as a reminder, or at least I do. I wonder how my diposition really is toward my children from day to day. A lot of impatience, a lot of scowls and ill-temper I sadly know. When children KNOW they are loved and cherished it makes up for a lot of other imperfections in parenting. One of my New year prayers.

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