Thursday, January 22, 2009

Room RE-do's

My new space :) Not enough stuff on the walls yet, though! LOL!
My desk ( from Neana, of course! ;) Joy!
Guest bed ( or.....if- dad- is -snoring- too- loud- keeping- mom- awake- and-she- needs- a- new place- to- sleep- bed :)
Phew- all this moving makes me tired!
J/M's bed
Darling, I love my new room so much I could kiss you!
Snug a bug
Nothing like being two and able to climb in and out of your crib. Ack!
Fun times in the wardrobe! ( They were playing *camping* :)
I will call this the *half and half* room LOL! as perfectly illustrated here!

Ella's bed. As is often the case ( the hand of Providence!)-- I had the blue and white cowboy themed material, but not enough for another curtain. I headed to my home decor headquarters- The Salvation Army and found that cute *Indian and horse* patterned sheet that actually has some of the orange wall color in it for a curtain! Perfect!

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Alice said...

Hi, Kris!
Just catching up on you guys... sounds like lots of rearraning! Your desk area looks great!
Loved the cute pics of the kids too (and the little ones' room!)
Take care, Alice :)

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