Friday, February 27, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

A golden oldie :)
AL and Zak with their slurpees.
Jed and Manny clones.

1. It was sufficiently far enough above freezing this week to go to the park....twice!

2. Lesson learned this week; if you have a medical problem that you are pretty sure only a specialist can handle, see a specialist. Don't let your family dr. try to persuade you otherwise. :)
Dyl had a terrible ingrown toenail and we went to the family dr to see about it. My guess was he was going to refer us to a podiatrist, but apparently he thought he could handle it himself. And I believed him.
The result was horrifying. Nothing worse than watching your 18 yo son shaking with pain.
He asked us to come back in a week so he could finish the job, but we decided to find a podiatrist on our own.
The result; very little pain and problem solved in a 10 minute procedure. Ack!

3. I went to see "SlumDog Millionaire" this week. I don't often go see movies in the theater, but Al thought I would like it and suggested we go together. Believe you me, I don't ever turn down an offer for a date with one of my handsome boys. :) And I hit the jackpot! All three big boys went. But I digress.
It was a very well made movie. The ending was lovely, but you had to go through so much jarring reality to get to it, I'll admit I was a bit shellshocked by the time it was over.
Well, it truly was a movie that made you think, or more importantly reflect upon the lives of the great multitudes who live in third world countries ( I don't know that India can be *pristinely* considered a third world country anymore, although a lot of it's population does live in extreme poverty). We are often so sheltered from knowing about how they live and what they deal with on a regular basis. I certainly don't begrudge it's "Best Movie of the Year" award, no siree! I'm in agreement with that.....but maybe I could have dealt with it better by waiting to see it on Netflix. ;)

4. Lent. Not doing well, but better than the norm. I guess that is progress.

5. I somewhat bemoan the fact that there are too many pictures of Jed, Manny and Gabriella on this blog. Not because I don't think they are adorable subject matter ( what kind of mother would I be if I did not? ;) but because I DO HAVE OTHER children.
I can only blame it on Naomi. I don't take pictures. I get ridiculed if I do :).
So whatever she comes up with is what I use. Funny, Jackson and George don't make it to her" A" list very often. HA ha HA.

6. Under the list of things I can't do very well ( besides take pictures) no matter how hard I try:

1. See above.
2. make a pie crust. which is strange because my father is the master at pie crust ( and pie) making. So are my mother and grandmother. You'd think some of those genes might have rubbed off.
3. I can't cut hair worth a darn. I ALWAYS make a mess of it.
4. I don't sew very well, although I like to do it and try and try. It's especially bitter since I have two sil's who are experts here. ;)
5. figure out anything technical. my eyes just glaze over. I am lazy, but my children contribute to it since they are good at it and it's just easier to let them do it.

7. Thought for the week:

"All God wants is our heart. And he is more pleased when we value our uselessness and weakness out of love and reverence for his holy will, than when we do violence to ourselves and perform great works of penance. Now, you know that the peak of perfection lies in our wanting to be what God wishes us to be: so, having given you a delicate constitution, he expects you to take care of it and not demand of it what he himself, in his gentleness, does not ask for."
- (Letters of Spiritual Direction)

St Frances Jane Chantal


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Kris said...

Mum, it's not my fault, I do take pictures of other people, you just need to look more into it. I havent cleaned out all my pic folders yet so its just for the time being. You dont always have to post pictures of people. I have many beautifully edited and taken pictures in other folders. Look mother, LOOK!


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