Monday, February 2, 2009

Daybook February 2, 2008


For today: Recovering from Super Sunday. Dyl had a home game but George was sick, so I am home. Naomi, Jed and I took a lovely walk at George George. Rounded out the trip with a stop at Kroger to order a birthday cake for Jed and a visit to the SA. Put in the cap/gown order for our graduation group!

Outside my window. . . Pleasantly chilly and sunny today. Now it is dark.

I am thinking. . . when I am ever going to revamp my bad eating habits with all these parties and birthdays? No excuse! ;)

I am thankful for. . . a friend who is going through a rough time but has extremely good spirits ( on the phone anyway). She encouraged me!

From the schoolroom. . . found tons of great books at the library on subjects we are studying. I guess I can put I am thankful that we live near some awesome libraries as well!

From the kitchen. . . I had the most difficult time getting things cooked properly yesterday. To top it off the pizza was cold! Oh well, none of our guests complained. Remember what I said about boys? ;)

Today I am making Neana's chili for Mr Mc Alpine's lunch. Butter chicken for dinner ( an abbreviated amount ;) we had a few leftovers from yesterday.

I am wearing. . . khaki pants, green t-shirt, black hooded sweater, ball cap and tennis shoes.

I am going. . . I certainly hope I can go to Dyl's game on Wed. Tomorrow I might just be dumb enough to try and get a free breakfast from Denny's ( they are, really, giving away Grand Slam's).

My little kids never go out to breakfast. Because---

A- we never go out to eat in general other than the odd drive thru Mc Donald's lunch.

B- breakfast is not my favorite meal to eat at a restaurant. But free is free! ;)

I am reading. . . In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham. Gripping, but pretty sad. I've always got to really think about these stories of tremendous suffering. I do all sorts of mental gymnastics trying to think how I would get through it, when in reality, as Elisabeth Elliot always says, God gives grace when needed, not when you are forecasting future woes.

I am hoping. . . I can find a cabinet so I can put things like games, toys with little pieces, etc, in AND LOCK IT. I've had it with Manny and Ella dumping stuff out! :) Although, yesterday as we were picking up yet another mess, I thought actually this is a good opportunity for them to learn to clean up. Just one of those things I dislike taking time out to do, but probably should be thankful for.

I am hearing. . Manny munching on chips. :)

Around the house. . . I really should try harder to get the curtains done for the little kids room but I am sort of burned out on sewing at the moment. Laundry room pantry needs a lot of help. Cars and garage....ugh! Whenever it warms up I always forget!

One of my favorite things. . .Gabriella and Manny when they are so excited to see me after I come home from somewhere.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . another birthday celebration. Jed turns 6 on Wednesday!

Here is picture thought I am sharing. . .Tim moved all Naomi's pictures to her computer so I am really in a bind. I told her I'd have to come up and blog in her room. She wasn't amused. ;)

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