Monday, February 9, 2009

Daybook February 09, 2009

For today: Dyl has a home game. Think I might cook a turkey. For someone else. Ooo- I am cruel. ;) Need to drop by Wal mart.

Outside my window. . . Dark but the sky is clear and the weatherman promises temps near 50. Huzzah!

I am thinking. . . about self denial.

I am thankful for. . . evidences that God cares. A walk in the woods on a bright, sunny, winter day.

From the schoolroom. . . organized school stuff yesterday. Made preparations, got books in order, found new ones to use, cleaned out the 500 crates and baskets of stuff I had in the dining room. A satisfied feeling. :)

From the kitchen. . . Deep breath. I've had a measure of success with healthier cooking this week already. I have a good cookbook I've been studying "American Heart Association Healthy Family Eating". The recipes in it are not too way out or impossible to afford, or if they are... easily modified.

The ironic thing is that Friday I thought I made the ultimate in lowfat meal. Baked salmon, wild rice, steamed vegetables, lowfat hashbrowns. Instead of complaining, everyone raved!

Here's my plan for the rest of the week or so: (not necessarily in any sort of order:)

Black bean soup

Potato Leek soup w/ lowfat chicken salad

Lettuce wraps

Chicken pasta primivera

roast pork loin w/ mashed sweet potatoes ( made that yesterday, purty good)

turkey/hamburgers baked fries

roast chicken steamed veggies

chicken with new potatoes

bean/cheese quesidillas

I am wearing. . .gray yoga pants, blue and white striped knit top with white undershirt

I am going. . . Dyl's game ( twice this week) Valentine Party, trip to nursing home to deliver Valentines with homeschool group.

When my grandmother was in the Assisted Living apartment, she often made reference to how much she enjoyed when different groups came in. We were'nt able to visit her much when she was there ( she was 1200 miles away :) so I'd like the kids to have opportunities to do this for other *nan's* and *grampa's*. Kudo's to Michelle for organizing it!

I am reading. . . forgot the official title. About Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, Beatrice.

I am hoping. . . I can hang tough and stick with healthier eating and cooking.

I am hearing. .Jed mucking about.

Around the house. . . my excuse for not finishing the curtains this week was that it was too cold ( when it gets extra chilly outside the basement really is frigid) Of course it has now warmed up so I won't have that excuse. :) I did get my laundry room pantry spiffied up. Noah cleaned the garage ( sort of :) and George/Jax and Tim cleaned the Burb. Halfway cleaned the van, but there is always today to finish up!

One of my favorite things. . .a bike ride. I found a new bike for 1/2 off at the thrift store on Saturday in very nice condition. I guess most people aren't thinking bike riding just yet ;) That didn't stop me from trying it out that afternoon. Thankfully, the sidewalks were mostly clear of snow.

Here is picture thought I am sharing. . . well, I WAS going to post a picture of Al since he made the Dean's list this semester. :) But the photo situation is on the fritz again for some reason.

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