Thursday, February 5, 2009

7 Quick takes Friday

1. I never win anything.
I was pleasantly surprised and overly excited when I found a $5 gift card in a Fruit by the Foot box yesterday. Sweet!

2. I really should write a book called the "Sonic Chronicles". I seem to be endlessly fascinated by the goings on there. We were shocked when we rode by the other night and there were only two people in the drive thru line! The next day we took Jed there for his birthday lunch and got right in. Perhaps the furor has died down and Sonic will be, like any number of other fast food restaurants around here, somewhere you just stop in when you want to, not a visit that takes careful thought and serious planning. ;)

3. In other Sonic news we just found out they are building an Aldi in the same strip mall. Meijer, Sonic and an Aldi (Jimmy John's, too....although I never really get there). If they built an IKEA ( and maybe a Target) I would start referring to that area as the *miracle mile* ;) I probably still will. Ah the exciting life of an American hausfrau! ;)

4. My husband has an extreme amount of chutpah. That's what I love about him ( sometimes ;)
He bought me a pair of skates, oh.....maybe just after Jed? Manny? was born for my birthday. (Yes, I asked for them). I never opened them. Until last week. And found out there were two left foot skates ( actually it was Naomi who was borrowing them!)
What did my darling hubby do? Took them back, of course!
Suprisingly at first ( HA HA) the establishment was not going to comply. Somehow, someway, the man convinced them to exchange them for another pair, and paid the $10 difference.
Whadda guy!
Now, will it be another 4-6 years before I give this pair a try? ;) (I did try them on at least!)

5. I've been trying to make a conscientious effort not to complain about the weather this winter.
I don't know why I'm focusing on that area when I complain with random abandon about most everything else. I'm sure I've failed here, too. It just struck me how illogical it is to choose an area to live in and then complain about what kind of issues that area has ( if you call winter an issue :). I'll have to say that overall I like winter. Yes, it does get to be a little redundant say about March, but in general I prefer cold weather to hot. Still, I really seem to struggle when the temps get into the single digits. Maybe even below 20. :) I guess I better hope a move to Antarctica ( or maybe South Dakota) is not in my future.

6. I like text-messaging even though I have never done it myself. Really.
My kids like to, and it seems to be the preferred method of communication these days, so it works for me. Case in point, the other day when we were at Sonic I was unsure what the protocol was concerning tipping the people who bring your food out to you. Noah whipped out his phone and texted his cousin down in Texas ( where there are Sonic's on every street corner ( not really :) She got right back to him with the answer ( only if you want to!). Isn't today's technology wonderful? *wink*

7. I have three blurbs in the post concerning Sonic. Frankly, I find that disturbing.

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Aussie Therese said...

well now I am interested. What kind of food does sonic serve?

I have to say my 9 year old (Tom) would love to know you have a place called sonic. He loves the sega game Sonic.

Ikea is one of my favourite stores. It really is child friendly.

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