Monday, February 23, 2009

Daybook Feb. 22, 2009

Outside my window . . .Still dark, still cold. Lots more snow.

I am thinking . . .is it really fair, when you have waited 12 years for another little girl, that she insists on picking out her own clothes at age 2? Couldn't she have waited until she was 16??? ( or 30, for that matter? ; ) Doesn't she know her mother lives to dress her up in cute little outfits???

I am thankful for. . .Value Center Market, who gave Noah his first job :) and I really like to shop there, anyway. My new headquarters for good deals.

From the schoolroom. . . preparing for Lent....which is somehow starting this week! ACK!

From the kitchen . . . nothing too unusual here. The big kids have been out and about so much this week and everyone has had a stomach bug so I almost haven't had to cook. I did get really energetic Friday night and made two meals for the weekend, but we haven't even eaten the stew yet. ;0) What to have for our Mardi Gras celebration?

I am wearing . . .khaki sweats. brown t-shirt, cream hoodie

I am creating . . .more curtains. always curtains. :)

I am going . . .hoping to go see "Slum Dog Millionaire" with Al today. I wonder if it will be a madhouse due to the awards won? :)

I am reading and watching . . . Things I Have Kept Silent About. (Azar Nafisi) Almost done. I'm not completely sure I agree with her worldview, but a very compelling book on a number of levels. Excellent writer.

I watched "Fanny and Alexander" for the first time this weekend. I know it is a critically acclaimed movie. I do see why in some respects- in others-- I guess I am just not artsy enough to appreciate good filmwork ( cough, cough)

Here are some of the *themes* I get irritated with in so many movies ( this one included)

1. The religious person is always the bad guy.

2. Artsy, creative people are the heroines.

3. God cannot be trusted. He's capricious and the cause for all that is bad in the world, but the beauty and glory of life is due to nature, I guess ( never Him).

4. Men cannot possibly be faithful and monogamous, so why not embrace them giving into their lower natures?

It was lovely to revisit Scandinavia, always interested in that from our days in Sweden....

and I LOVED the decor. I like the modern- IKEA- Swedish look, too, but I like what I dub the "Carl Larsson" genre even better. Great use of colors and eclectic elements. Very busy. Just me. ;)

Naomi and I are working on the BBC series of "Pride and Prejudice" Colin Firth is a much better Mr. D'Arcy. ;)

I am hoping . . .Al gets his promotion. Interview today @ 10 am!

I am praying . . Ditto and Cassie's recovery this week. Coiling procedure went well, thanks be to God! Noah to do well at his new position.

I am hearing . . . just the furnace running.

Around the house. . . new kitchen curtains, that's about it.

One of my favorite things. . . Gabriella just started saying "I love you" on her own completely unprodded. Bliss. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . Ash Wednesday this week. How to explain lent to Jed? The kids at St Cyril are putting on "The Lion,Witch, Wardrobe" Saturday. Cotillion/Fat Tuesday on Tuesday :) Have to run to the highschool this morning to get Noah a work permit. Dyl has a dr appt. Thursday.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .


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