Monday, February 9, 2009

Will these days be repeated?

Jed and I trying our hand at sledding. ;)
Jay's cute, too!
Our adorable niece, Gwen!
Neana so kindly trying to help the novice.
Noah, your head was a bit mis-shapen at birth because of your quick descent, but we thought it had resolved itself. ;)
Can you text and skate at the same time, Noah? ( and Jay)
Neana and Gwen, gracefully sailing along
Sissy, the pomegranate terrorist
Jed, Jax and I
Here's the evidence! Me actually in a standing position on skates!
We went on a little skating outing on Friday before the heat wave hit. I was itching to try out my new skates. I'm pleased to say I didn't fall on my rear, but I didn't look very graceful to say the least.
I'm sure the skating rink is just a puddle now, but it was fun while it lasted!

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