Sunday, March 1, 2009

A visit with Grandpa

This morning I decided to make a carrot cake. I found a recipe using whole wheat flour last week and have been trying to find the time to bake it. I woke up early and had some free brain space, so I got started. But then the three littles woke up. How do they know? :)

Jed immediately asked why I was making carrot cake. I said I thought it sounded good ( I don't say I think it might be a healthy treat, because that would go nowhere).

He immediately chimed in that Grandpa likes carrot cake.

Well, there it is. The reason.

This week marks the one year anniversary of our beloved Grandpa John's passing.

It still seems surreal. I often forget that he isn't here. I still have to think about it. "Oh---yes, he is gone."

Today we made a trek over to the cemetary as a family. It was a mind numbingly cold day and very blustery, too. I kept the little ones in the van. He often said while he was in the throes of his last illness that if it would just get warm he could get better. If it would just be spring. I guess

we all feel that way sometimes.

We miss you Grandpa.

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