Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. There is a silver lining to every cloud. If you want to lose some weight, having a stomach bug go through the house is one fine way to do it. :) Even if you are blessed not to have gotten a full blown case of it, you won't feel much like eating after cleaning up the messes and you won't have to cook much but the odd bowl of oatmeal. Not much temptation there.

2. For some reason, I didn't get any hormonal headaches this month. I've been plagued with them for about the past 6 months or so. The frustrating thing is I have no idea why?

3. Dyl's team lost yet another heartbreaking game to their arch rivals HAACH. They lost by one point after the ref didn't let them have a basket on a technicality. Once again they came from behind to close the gap ( and even go ahead) during the second half. OUCH! Maybe they can school them at the tournament. :)

4. Funny thing I saw this week on the web." www.oh crap my parents have a facebook" LOL!
(I don't, but Tim does, but even that doesn't stop some of my face-booking offspring from letting it all hang out. You know who you are.

5. Hmmm. Last Saturday I happened upon a strangely morbid show while I was ironing. It was one of those reality deals where they follow a medical examiner. What caught my interest was that it was the medical examiner for OUR county. I just couldn't get over our little burb ( where the office is located) being featured on a national tv network!
Of course, there were several shots of him practicing his trade. Gulp. One of his *patients* was a woman my age who had passed on from an undiagnosed heart problem. Double gulp. Good thing I've gotten on this healthy eating program. Sort of. (see #6) Gulp, gulp, gulp and more gulps. All I could focus on were her fabulously manicured and painted toenails ( for some reason they kept showing them, but thankfully NOT the rest of her during the procedure) and how mine are, well, in not so great shape.
I guess when your mom told you to wear- clean- underwear- in- case- you- get- in- an- accident kind of works here, too. If you want to look your best during an autopsy, keep those feet pretty .......even in the winter. Just in case.

6. Today at lunch Dylan told me he was getting full. ( He, Al, Tim and I went out :) I told him I was full about 10 minutes ago but kept on eating. Therein lies the problem. Why can't I just taste a few bites of good stuff and then stop? What possesses me ( and I know I'm not alone) to keep on eating it even when I KNOW and FEEL I've had enough?
Well, I suppose half the battle is identifying the problem. Onward and upward!

7. Under 5 products we couldn't live without
1. Most definitely Advil for all the headache sufferers.
2. Oxyclean
3. Spray and Wash
4. Eggs. One of the very few proteins J/M love.
5. This winter; Aquapor.


Lisa C. Vrazo said...

i get so much enjoyment from reading your posts, i don't know how you find the time, but i'm glad you do!

1. i found that same silver lining after a bought with a 24-hour bug on monday. tuesday morning i was laying on the couch and ben and i both noticed at the same time that the flu "becomes me" ahah.

5. "keep those feet pretty... even in the winter, just in case",made me laugh to myself cos i think i would have had the same thought had i seen that show.

6. i have that same problem! i just can't get enough of a good thing. jill just lent me a book called "french women don't get fat" and it changed my entire outlook. it's a diet book per say, but a mindset book maybe? please check it out, i want to yell it from the roof tops!

noah said...

you're such a sweetie.
Mom V. told me you all had the flu :(
I'm glad you're feeling better:)

I did read that book.
Sadly, it hasn't helped much in changing my bad habits ( although can I blame the book? NO! :)
Several things she said do stick in my mind and I think that is the hallmark of a good tome. :)

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