Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jed!

Everybody having a good time with JED'S gifts ;)

Since everyone was going to be out and about yesterday evening we decided to have a birthday breakfast for Jed. I think that suited him well. He really likes only about 5 foods; 1. chicken wings
2. ramen noodle soup 3. eggs 4. breakfast sausage 5. popcorn. We just had chicken wings for Super Sunday, so......that entree for a birthday dinner was out. We had homemade waffles and sausage, hot chocolate with whipped cream.

He made a little invitation for his birthday party the night before. I thought it was so cute that he figured out how to spell his siblings names without my help! * J-A-X-I-N* *D-I-L* *E-L-A*
(George and Naomi he punted on and just wrote *G* and *N* :) of course Al, mom and dad were easy ;) ;)

I think he had a good day. Al took him out to lunch at Sonic ( oops, I forgot chicken nuggets as a favorite. I guess he has six ;)
He got gifts he liked. And his siblings liked LOL! At one point about 6 of them were over next to him playing with the Star Wars Figures and legoes. He got to go to Toys R Us and spend his birthday money from Nan ( on a Transformer, what else? :)
His Texas cousins called and sang Happy Birthday to him. ( awwwww-what sweeties!)
Dyl had a basketball game which he enjoys going to. He likes to show off his dribbling skills, which he is quite proud of. He picked out a Power Ranger cake from Kroger.
A funny about that. The cake decorator put "Happy Birthday Ted" on it. LOL!
I didn't realize it until we were out of the store.
I guess you can get away with mistakes like that when you have a six year old who really only cares about the Power Ranger figures on the cake. Now if THEY were missing..........

Happy, happy 6th birthday Jed!

I think we will all be going through Birthday withdrawl as there isn't another until the end of April!


Kris said...

mother, really, i thought i rotated that picture of jed. omg.u could have let me at least edit those pics b4 u used them. 1 buck per picture!


Kris said...

i thot u did 2.
get on it! ( and the one of al, too!)

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