Monday, February 16, 2009

Timely words from Father Perrone

Why do we do the bad things we do?
The hard lessons of trial and error
sometimes lead one to reform his ways,
but not always. It can be frustrating to
the sinner to find himself prey to his own
seeming incapability to stop his sinful
conduct. From the standpoint of the
onlooker, it can be mighty tempting to
disdain a sinner. One can take a haughty
attitude towards and scold him or at least
revile him for his lapses and relapses.
There are some persons who have a duty
to reprimand: parents, for example,
judges, and priests, but even they must
remember to be compassionate. If even
only lately, I have come to have a more
sympathetic attitude towards sinners, not
in condoning sin, but in being more
disposed to be considerate of the
weaknesses and the felt helplessness that
sinners experience in the face of their
temptations. Making a mess out of one’s
life through sin weighs heavy on the soul
and they suffer greatly for it. All too
many fail to get the help needed to
rebuild their spiritual lives and fortify
themselves against future sins. God gets
the whole picture, of course, knowing
the sinner’s freedom to refuse, but also
the strength of temptation that lures him.
This is why God will judge with absolute
fairness in consideration of His
comprehensive knowledge.

but thank you.

Father Eduard Perrone
Assumption Grotto Church, Detroit

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