Sunday, February 8, 2009

Provided for.

Picture for my new space. Half off at the SA
Plate for kitchen SA
Funky vintage curtains CT 1/2 off
Naomi would be sooooooo depressed if there wasn't a constant influx of new white and blue dishes coming in. ;) Myott Finlandia Staffordshire, England.

I read this a few days ago over at "Large Family Mothering".

"Without God's favor, my $10 at the store is practically worthless, but with God's favor, I can arrive at the store just in time for a sale, or some discontinued items marked down to fit into my budget."

Shaking my head up and down in agreement. This happens on an almost weekly basis to me.
I don't know why I am surprised or astounded, God is faithful. Even when we aren't. And I can't say I always am. ;) Phew!

These are just some of the *fun* bargains I've found recently. I could go on and on about food bargains I've gotten lately ( like bags of Nestle Chocolate Chips for $1.00 ea ;) but they're pretty much too numerous to list.

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