Monday, February 2, 2009

Does it get any better?

A *girl's night out* with my darling sister in law. A white relish dish and other fun treats ( including my favorite candy bar- Heath)

Taken out to lunch at P.F Chang's by Al.

The house cleaned by Naomi.

The traditional "Happy Birthday to you!" call from the dynamic trio, Mom. Dad and Nan!

A surprise call from the one who is far away. (he remembered!!!)

A dinner date with my favorite husband. ;)

A tasty and artfully prepared breakfast made for me and waiting for me (!?!) when I got home from shopping by Jackson.

A yummy dinner ( chicken alfredo and steak ceasar) from Dyl, a decadent chocolate cake with homemade frosting from Naomi. Sweet cards. Happy perfume.
Jed induced Tim to take him to the thrift store ( knowing I LOVE thrift stores) to get a gift. A funny pink t-shirt he said I could wear as a night shirt.

I think I might consider turning 44 next year, too! ;)


Kris said...

so dads ur favorite husband? u got more than one?

hmmm. naomi

Kris said...

heh heh heh
there are dark secrets you'll never know, sissy!

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