Saturday, February 7, 2009

From the peanut gallery.

Jed and Manny playing Transformers. Jed "Manny, you just don't have good Transforming SKILLS!" ( Anyone surprised that Napoleon Dynamite was on the netflix queue this week?)

Poor confused Gabriella has given up trying to figure out what her real name is. There is a war around here between two camps.....the *Ella* camp led by me and the *Gabby* camp led by everyone else. :) ( with a few Ella-belle's, Bean's and Gab's thrown in). She's decided to call herself *Gabba* :)

I'll tell you that girl is smart. She has found the ultimate way to have her cake ( wearing undies) and eating it, too ( avoid pottytraining). She requires that we put her little panties on OVER her diaper.

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