Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heh, heh, heh............camping

2. Pinching myself and scratching my head at the fact that it appears we have picked a marvelous weekend to go camping. This is usually not the case. We have the notoriusly bad luck of always picking the coldest, rainiest ( and in one case, snowy) camping days. Of course, maybe I should wait until after it actually happens to gloat. There might be an unexpected downpour, tornado or freak ice storm. ;)

This is what I wrote on Friday. We left for camping on Saturday in the midst of a torrential downpour. This after it had been balmy and lovely all morning. And it was balmy and lovely the minute we returned home.
We got a few good hours in before yet another torrential downpour came upon us. The kids actually played on the beach and dipped their feet in the frozen ice cube, er, Lake Huron. "It's raining" I mused to myself "But at least it is warm". I really shouldn't muse. We went for dinner at a local Coney Island after it became apparent the rain was not going to stop and our dinner grilling plans were not going to happen. Upon leaving the restaurant we realized that the *warmth* had left as well.

Soooo- the tally.

Unexpected downpour check

tornado ( well, if not a tornado, at least something akin to a tornado, since we happened upon dozens of felled trees as we entered the park) check

freak ice storm ( maybe not, but Naomi and I could've sworn we saw some snow flakes mixed in with the rain as we were heading to the bathroom for the nightly clean up. half a check. ;)

All in all, we had a grand time!

Kids playing in the sand at the beach. check
Exploring the woods. check
Cooking & enjoying a delicious breakfast outdoors even though it was freezing (that's what coats are for? right?) check!

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