Monday, May 4, 2009

This week at the Vrazo's 5-04-09

Outside my window: bright and sunny. Looks like we have a couple of nice days on tap weather wise.

I am sure was fun going to IKEA with Nita, Winston and Ella on Saturday, but I swear I always regret not buying a certain thing and then there is no way to zip back there to get it. ;)

I am thankful for. . .nice days in May to go bike riding. Not too hot. Not too chilly. I got the bike trailer out yesterday and cleaned it up in order to take a bike ride with George and Jed ( in tow) to the library while the rest of the family was watching the big game. ( You can tell the sports fans at our house....we took off on bikes & Noah went to the movies). It's always easier to justify a bike ride when you can take a little or two along with you.

From the schoolroom. . ...the school year is really winding down. Last week was the last of the high school classes, this week, catechism will be over.

From the kitchen .....Tim smoked some salmon for the first time in a llooonngg time. It was yummy, but I think we decided to try and brine it first next time. I made shepherds pie for the first time ever last week. I liked it, but it had mixed reviews from the rest. I keep finding these gorgeous, huge mushrooms at the fruit market, so stuffed mushrooms have been a hit. I found a recipe with turkey bacon and la la!

A funny; I tried to make homemade cupcakes yesterday, as Manny saw some Sesame Street ones while I was browsing Allrecipes ( some parents have to be careful that something tawdry will come up while surfing the web with a child on their lap, I have to be careful they don't see some crazy cupcake recipe!)

However, since I am nearly now blind, and forget to use my reading glasses, I used the 1/ 3 cup instead of the 1/2 cup for several ingredients. Both Tim and Al came to me raving about the "awesome muffins" I made. Well, at least they weren't a total fail.

I am wearing . . .really, who cares? This is something I need to delete from this list. :) Maybe I would find it interesting 10 years from now.

I am creating . . ..I actually sewed a bit yesterday. Covered a down blanket and hemmed a dress.

I am reading and watching . . .Mary Lincoln, A Life & The Reluctant Empress

Watched: The Lost Prince

This is another BBC winner. The main story is interesting ( the 6th son of King George V had epilepsy and was sequestered away from the public) but the setting of pre-World War I and the start of it is almost even more fascinating. Excellent acting, gorgeous costumes, terrific cinemetography. I see why it won an Emmy.

I am hearing . . .Gabriella singing "Daddy love! Daddy love!"

Around the house. . .no comment. I don't think it was a good idea to go camping last week AND try and switch out the warm weather-cold weather clothes. ;) I think I finally found the correct adhesive for the tiles on my front porch. We'll see once the rain hits.

Cute kid saying of the week:

Manny: "I am going to help Gabriella with this egg because she is my princess."

Checking out a cut on my leg:

"That is one di-guting boo boo!"

One of my favorite things. ..finding a size 8 that fits! It's pretty much a freak of nature, but it always reminds me of past thinner days. ;)

What will we do this week. . .3 soccer games for Naomi this week and it looks like the weather might co-operate ( she had three last week, including a make up game and played exactly NONE because of rain, soggy fields ;) Last catechism class, which I may let them skip since it is just a party.
We are all chuckling about Thursday:

Dyl is going to the prom ( and wants a corsage from the resident floral designer;), Zak is flying in, the kids have art class, which I am chaperoning, the littles are going to Johannes ( thank you Johanne!) Noah has a dr appt, and thankfully, Naomi's practice got cancelled!

Al's birthday is Friday and Mother's Day is Sunday. I already got an invite to go out to dinner from my very thoughtful oldest son. ;) Saturday, Mother's day lunch with nan and meemaw :)

Here’s a picture I am sharing. . WELCOME HOME dad, mom and Nan!!

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