Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. What did people do before the advent of allergy medicine? Strange, I never dealt much with allergies until the past couple years. Mostly now just spring/fall. Wednesday I was going through a box of kleenx an hour with my runny nose and eye until Tim said "Why don't you try some Claritin?" Which I did, without much noticeable improvement. On a whim the next morning I checked the expiration date. March 2006. It pays to clean out your medicine cabinet every now and then. Some fresh drugs and I am feeling like a million bucks.

2. Pinching myself and scratching my head at the fact that it appears we have picked a marvelous weekend to go camping. This is usually not the case. We have the notoriusly bad luck of always picking the coldest, rainiest ( and in one case, snowy) camping days. Of course, maybe I should wait until after it actually happens to gloat. There might be an unexpected downpour, tornado or freak ice storm. ;)

3. Woo-hoo, Sissy! Summit Varsity Girl's Soccer is undefeated thus far. Yesterday it was 8-0 and the ref called a mercy ( which means they were so far ahead, they might as well call it a day :)

4. I have shied away from getting a family membership to Greenfield Village/HFM the past few years because I knew it wasn't overly interesting to the under 6 set. ( Well, not enough to go more than perhaps once a year). When I found the deal with the unlimted rides I just couldn't pass it up. Well, I am glad I got that pass. I can see we have to go in little snippets. Naomi and George went off by themselves and were pretty much done with the park by 1 PM, while the littles and I had just visited the farm and rode the train. ;0)
After lunch we decided to try the carousel. Of course, since it was a nice day and spring break, everyone had the same idea of visiting the Village and it was pretty packed. We stood in line for about 10 minutes when Jed decided to step out and run over to the stroller to get a snack. Gabriella followed suit. That left Manny and I and there was no way I could leave him there alone to go chase Eller. It was at that point I decided to call it a day and try again some other time. Not. Very. Happily. I might add ( sorry, kids. :)

5. I really should keep a hard copy ( to give credit to my theory) that everytime I excitedly think to myself "No one has been to the dr. in x number of months !" someone goes to the dr within the next week or two.

6. The girl had two potty training successes yesterday. Pretty much on her own. She likes to do everything herself and she likes to do what everyone else is doing. I think I have that in my favor as far as potty training. Let's hope!

7. I stumbled upon the most charming film at the library this week. "A Sunday in the Country" by Bertrand Tavernier . Set in the french countryside before World War 1, it follows a Sunday afternoon gathering of a French family. Gorgeous. ( delicate and quote one reviewer. Yes, that hits the nail on the head.)
My favorite quote from the film ""Will you stop asking so much of life, Irene?" Just like the film. Simple. Profound.

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Alice said...

Hi, Kris!
Finally caught up with your blog! So fun to read :) Ella looks so sweet, especially - really growing up! (What size does she wear now? We'd like to send some stuff - shoe size too...) - it was neat to see the photo of your parents - they are looking great!
Take care, and our love to all,

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