Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daybook, April 5, 2009

Noah, proud Value Center employee in his new work duds
Some people eat a meal with coffee and a newspaper, George and Jackson, Calvin and Hobbes. ( Although Jackson was actually reading a pirate book this morning)
Manny with his favorite book "The Story About Ping"
Jackson was not too happy about me taking his picture.
A fuzzy view of my newly organized crafty stuff. Gotta love those cheap IKEA bins. ;)
George puts the dishes away for us. No small job. Why are all my pictures blurry???????????

Outside my window: bright and sunny now, but I see Spring has ignored my pleas for mercy. They are predicting 6-10 inches of snow for tomorrow.

I am thinking..........I'm way too grumpy today.

I am thankful for. . new shop vac.

From the schoolroom. . ....organized school stuff on Saturday. That always makes for a smoother school week ( I hope :) We are going to make these: Popsicle Stick Easter Cross Craft, and I even got up early today and sewed the purple swags.

From the kitchen . ...the last of the frozen turkeys from sales at Thanksgiving. I'm trying "flautas" tomorrow.

I am wearing . . burgundy sweater and black knit pants. Silver hoops.

I am creating . . finished a curtain for my sewing room and have plans to work on a cover for a torn down blanket later.

I am reading and watching . . , Marie Therese, Bombay Anna

I watched:

Wuthering Heights.

Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. I like Mr. Fiennes as Heathcliff ( although the hair was disturbing at times). Miss Binoche as Kathy, I'm not so sure. She is lovely and charming, but doesn't quite strike me as *Kathy*. Overall pretty good.

Somehow the hair reminded me of the 90's and suprise! That's when it was made. :) I guess they missed the memo that authentic is better.....I think filmmakers are doing better at that currently.

Naomi and I tried to watch a newer BBC/Masterpiece Theatre rendition of "Great Expectations", but our small window of opportunity for concentration in peace and quiet was abruptly cut short because of Lego Battles.

Saw the last part of this. I think it is a very good version, although Estella, as played by Justine Waddell ( who was adorable in "Wives and Daughters") doesn't work so well. She is just too sweet. ( I really should have been a casting director for all my complaints.....LOL!)

I am hearing . . .the basketball hitting the pavement out in the backyard. Dishes being rattled in the kitchen. Red Wing game on tv.

Around the house. . .more spring cleaning. I was inspired by my new power tool. Although after barreling through the whole first floor with it, a couple hours later I walked down to see that *someone* had found a snack size bag of popcorn and somehow got it EVERYWHERE. Living room, dining room, up the stairs. How? Did they dance around, whirling the bag with them? Dump it on the floor and blow a fan at it?

What's the use, I ask? ;)

Thankfully, I had a full crew Saturday morning, so there was lots of help. Maybe we'll have a clean house for Easter.

One of my favorite things. ... the smell and colors of hyacinths.

What will we do this week. . .Naomi was supposed to have a game tomorrow, but I have a sneaky feeling it will be canceled. Holy Thursday mass. Good Friday....and then the big day! Easter.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .a morning photo essay. Since George and Jackson get so little press here, I thought I would try to follow them about their day. I only got morning. We'll keep trying.
And yes, I know I should not give up my day job to become a photographer. ;)

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