Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daybook March 30, 2009

Outside my window: drippy

I am thinking..........about Holy Week and Easter. Here already.

I am thankful for. . ..well, I am thankful for Carl remembering our family with left-over bagels from his work establishment. :) Usually *thoughtful* and *teenage boy* don't often go together, and Carl has his own little quirks, but I am very touched he thinks of us. Anyone who gives us free bagels gets high marks in my book. ;)

ZDV is a comin' home May 7th! Hip hip hooray!

From the schoolroom. . ..cleaned it, and that is exciting news for sure.

From the kitchen . ...I was hoping for grilled chicken tonight, but looks like the rain may stand in the way. There is always tomorrow. ;)

I am wearing . . my pajama pants, blue t shirt and brown sweater. darling! ;) What I put on: orange and white hoodie ( what else?) khaki pants and my adored trellos.

I am creating . . I've got some ideas, anyway, if not the time or inclination to carry them out.

I am reading and watching . . .The Sea Shall Embrace Them, Marie Therese

I'm not always sure it is a good thing that I go to the library without my littles. I find TOO many books to read, bring home a stack and then get discouraged. :)

I watched:

Encounters at the End of the Earth

I can't remember if this won the Oscar for best documentary or was just nominated. Wait, I think it didn't win.
I've always been fascinated with people who go to frozen wastelands ( like Antarctica). The Shackleton story, for instance, has always amazed me. This was definitely interesting. I sniffed a *global warming* agenda, but at least he ( Werner Herzog) wasn't too overt about it. There is nothing better than hearing him speak English with his German accent.
A favorite quote from the film:

"The National Science Foundation invited me to Antarctica even though I left no doubt that I would not come up with another film about penguins" LOL!

Naomi and I tried to watch a newer BBC/Masterpiece Theatre rendition of "Great Expectations", but our small window of opportunity for concentration in peace and quiet was abruptly cut short because of Lego Battles.

I am hearing . . .Jed just tried to sneak in a "Sponge Bob Movie" dvd. Zap!

Around the house. . .Tried to do some spring cleaning over the weekend. Saturday I helped G/J clean up their room in anticipation for a furniture move :) Jax and I carried up a computer desk and hutch from the basement, and I am pleased to say I didn't wake up the next morning with my back thrown out. ;) I should have left it to one of my beefy males, but the older ones weren't available and dad had a migraine and I wasn't in the mood to wait. I then descended into the basement, which I have been trying to avoid for weeks, now. I'm glad I got to it. It's warm enough now that we can do school down there, which will help contain that mess, and the kids always love a newly organized space, even if they don't keep it that way for long. ;)Add a little floor mopping and ironing and I was overall pleased with our accomplishments for the day.

One of my favorite things. .and afternoon at the library.

What did we do this week. . .a lot of cleaning and organizing, a lot of soccer, a couple library trips, a lot of driving to and fro, art class,

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .can I have a post without pictures of Gabriella? ;)

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