Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daybook, April 20th Happy Birthday Zak!

Outside my window: bright sunshine, but there was just a downpour. :)

I am thinking.........about camping this weekend. The predicted temps are 76! Who-hoo.

I am thankful for. . ..my little Zak. 20 years old. For Mom and Dad and Nan having him over to celebrate. It won't be long until he his home :).

From the schoolroom. . ....we had a good day yesterday getting back to the books. Yay. I wrote out a loose schedule ( AGAIN!) but was able to keep to it.

From the kitchen ....sweet and sour chicken from the Eating Well website. I liked it but Tim thought the sauce was too vinegar-y.

I am wearing . . gray sweatpants, black hooded sweater and blue t-shirt.

I am creating . . ..a little household notebook.

I am reading and watching . . , Marie Therese, Bombay Anna

Watched: The White Countess with Ralph Fiennes and Natasha Richardson . This was an Ivory and Merchant film. Many parts visually beautiful but it just couldn't seem to get going.

I am hearing . . .silence. George and Jackson let the little play with their legos. :)

Around the house. . ...laundry room cleaned. Attic closet in my room ( well, a path was cleared). Basement, half done. I am bound and determined to stick to my new housecleaning schedule. Of course I think I am finally succumbing to the crud that has been going around here, so I am without the verve to tackle anything today.

One of my favorite things. ...rain beating upon the roof and windows while you are snuggled in bed. So cozy.

What will we do this week. ....thankfully Naomi's soccer game is indoors this afternoon as there is supposed to be snow mixed with rain. Dyl has a pro-life conference on Saturday. Taking Al out to lunch to celebrate his promotion Wed. (yay-Al!) Other than the usual....preparing for a camping trip Saturday!

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .

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