Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daybook, Easter week 2009

Outside my window: rainy and chilly..

I am thinking..........I cannot expect to pack a month's worth of spring cleaning into a week. ;)

I am thankful for. . ..a new, bright red & white, IKEA duvet cover and pillow cases and a coral jacket from the thrift on Saturday. I'll admit, I was being a fickle woman on Saturday. I couldn't find anything to wear for Easter. Not that I don't have a closet full of clothes ( but I am working on that), but nothing springy-that-you-could-wear-even-if-it's-cold. ( which was the case for Easter here). I had a short sleeve dress that would fit the bill if I could just find a sweater or jacket to go over it. Well, I took a walk up to thrift to clear my head and found one on the first go through. And the duvet cover. $4.95 each. Score!

From the schoolroom. . ....I'm so happy we have a break this week. Although I do feel bad that the kids are mostly too sick to enjoy it. Hopefully we'll get out and about in a couple days.

From the kitchen .....yesterday we had bbq chicken sandwiches, devilled eggs and fruit salad. It was nice and light after our big Easter meal.

I am wearing . . khaki skirt, white, beige, & yellow flowered blouse.

I am creating . . ..Generally, I am just being a nursemaid and trying not to get sick myself. ;0)

I am reading and watching . . , Marie Therese, Bombay Anna

I was interested in Marie Therese when I saw it on the shelf at the library. She is the daughter of Marie Antoinette and most people know what happened to the King and Queen of France during the reign of terror, but what about their children? I thought I remembered that her son (the Dauphin) had died in prison, but didn't know what happened to her. A very interesting book with lots of insight about this period of history. Which is why I think I have my nerdly fascination with the biographies of Kings and Queens ( among others :). It's a great way to understand history since, by and large, there always seems to be copious amounts of information on their lives and what was going on the world during their lives ( of course, they were famous! ;) It's much more entertaining reading about other people's lives than just dry historical facts. ;)

I watched: If I watched anything I can't remember. LOL! Naomi and I have run out of fresh ideas.

I am hearing . . .cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough,

Around the house. . .I cleaned one kitchen cabinet out today. That's why I cannot expect a month's worth of spring cleaning to be packed into a week off of school. ;)

One of my favorite things. ...cadbury caramel eggs

What will we do this week. . .Naomi had a game yesterday that they tied. ( I didn't go, too many sick ones to care for). She has some practices this week but I think it's time for her to sit those out and really get well. I'm hoping we can either go to the zoo or try out our new Greenfield Village pass. ;) Noah had a podiatrist appointment today and we snagged a little Sonic afterward. ;) (Lent's over, right?)

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .


Kris said...

u horrid mum!! going to sonic without us!! ::PPP


Kris said...

i was supposed to keep that a secret. ;0 )

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