Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sigh ( Happy Birthday Al!)

It's hard not to wax poetically about your oldest son turning 21.
I will try not to, for his sake :) but here is the boy who ushered me into the vocation of motherhood ( with God and Dad's help, of course! ;) turning TWENTY ONE years old.

He was two weeks late. ( The first of many who made a late appearence! ) Of course, I had no clue what real labor felt like so I just assumed I was having bowel troubles ( sorry, not many ways to explain that politely). We finally figured out this *was it* and made our dash to the hospital. Of course, I wasn't very far along, and Tim was off he went to Taco Bell to load up on sustenance. Funny, Al is a huge fan of Taco Bell. We laugh about that.
Not long after he left, REAL labor kicked in and boy did I miss my labor partner. I laugh about but I wasn't very pleased at the time. ;)
At 5:30 am on Friday, May 8th....our Alexander John was born. ( 9 lbs, 1 oz and 22 inches long).
We didn't know he was a boy, but we were thrilled with God's choice!

He was always a good little boy and still is. Not a bad way to get your feet wet for the job of parenting. Of course that made our colicky #2 a real shocker. :)

Now he works full time, goes to Wayne State U.......just bought his third car....a Mustang, no less! ( he saved up for his first car by cleaning the kitchen for us 3x a day when he was a young teen).
Yes, he is well on his way to adulthood, but he is still the boy who scoops up one of his younger siblings after he comes home from work or school and holds and chats with them for awhile. He had a week's vacation this week and I often saw him following his little sister around the backyard or playing *Transformers* or * Geography* game with his little brothers. He is ( of course) strikingly handsome and witty, a brilliant writer and guitar player and and all around interesting person to know.

Happy Birthday, our dear Al. We love you!


Lisa C. Vrazo said...

I cried thinking "this will be me posting one day about my first born son turning 21". what a great day to still have him with you after all these years.

Therese said...

Happy Birthday Al.

Amelia was born on the 8th of May too. It is great to read about older children interacting with their younger siblings.

kris said...

Gosh- it goes by so darn fast.
I wish there was some sort of "feature" in life where you could go back and spend a couple hours with your kids when they were little. Just taking in the wonder of them at each age.
You are a pro with this with makes my heart sing! I spent far too much time making sure all my ducks were in a row when the older ones were little instead of just enjoying them and being amazed. I hope I have changed for the better with my latest crop of babes.

Thank you- Therese for your birthday wishes. Somehow he read this post ( I didn't think he ever came here) so I know he saw your sentiments. :)

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