Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For this week........

FOR THIS WEEK...5-19 to 5-25
Outside My Window... Looks a rain- free week. Sunny, a bit cool, but very nice.

I am thinking...about how to arrange my days so I can get all the projects I want to get done, done.

I am thankful for... Flowers, I am so glad God created them :).

From the kitchen... I made some home-made crostini this weekend. It was very good and quite simple and felt very nice to use up stale bread and have it turn into something so yummy. I'm also thinking you could chop it up a bit and use it as croutons and I also crunched it up and made breadcrumbs with it. I am also trying a new recipe tonight....slow cooker meatballs. ( Our oven is on the fritz so my crockpot is becoming a new bff.)

I am wearing... jean capri's, a white undershirt and long sleeve blue t-shirt. a baseball cap ( need a shower) no shoes right now :)

I am creating... an appealing yard, I hope. The paintbrush is coming out this week since it looks dry. I found some wooden pieces in the trash that I think will make interesting planters and boxes for a patio garden, but they need a little sprucing up. I am going to try white (green?)washing them with green paint.

I am going... to Jackson's Spring concert tonight. Naomi's on Thursday.

I am reading... mostly Laura Bridgman right now. It is turning into a fascinating book. A lot on how the mind processes language. More on that later.

I am hoping...for a productive Memorial Day weekend.

I am hearing... Gabriella giggling, Jed and Manny shouting ( they are playing together but they are so darn loud!)

Around the house... I finished one couch ( recovering). I did get the laundry room mostly cleaned this am. Otherwise I am trying to ignore inside work to go outside :)

One of my favorite things...one of my favorite things is laying in bed for about a half hour before I fall asleep and reading. It is just a satisfying and peaceful time. I can fully relax and enjoy it. I'm done worrying or thinking about doing anything else. Funny, a good bit of the time I have knocks on the door ( I actually try to leave it open but sometimes I forget after I get into my pj's to reopen it) and visits from a few kids who know they can find me there and not moving :) but that is also a sweet feature of that time of the evening as well.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Sanding and painting my flower boxes. Finish planting my flowers. Finish cleaning up the backyard. Perhaps start on painting the laundry room or Al's room. ( if Noah comes through and tapes/spackles for me :)

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