Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off my checklist.........

Funny, I just read a great blog post from my very favorite insightful mom of a large family :) Kim @ Starry Sky Ranch http://starryskyranch.typepad.com/starry_sky_ranch/ If you happen to read it you will see why it ties in with this post :) However, I will say that it wasn't kids that were ignored while I was busy as a bee this past weekend as much as the house. (DH decided to take everyone out of the house for several hours again on Monday, for instance :) Ok, Ok, I will learn someday!
Out door chair covered.
Dresser painted ( and while I was on a roll I painted another side table and bench this color. I wasn't too sure of it at first, but then I saw how it picked up the color in the comforter I am trying to make work together. I love when that happens! ( the other piece of fabric is the curtain I am planning on using for the room).

These are two of the pieces I once again fished out of somebodies trash. :) They were a bit too rustic even for me, but I think they look alright with this green paint. The tins I found at the Dollar store and they fit perfectly ( well, almost........good thing tin does bend a bit :). I think they will look lovely with some gerbera daisy plants or the like. I just put some wildflowers from our backyard in them for now ( only had enough for three containers, though :(.

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