Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day bonanza

Mom's are good at being guilty. At first I felt guilty for wanting certain things for Mother's Day and now I feel guilty that I got them all AND more! LOL!

Saturday, Tim serendipitously was able to take the 60% of our children that were home with him to the Y and on some errands. That left me alone in the house for a good 3-4 hours! Woo-hoo! I'm not sure I can remember the last time that happened.
I first went on a bike ride on my new favorite path......the Clinton River Spillway. It is about 5 miles there and back all along the river til it spills into the Lake, so a beautiful trail. Most of the way.
When I got back I was able to cut out and pin up, iron, etc. some sewing projects I wanted to get to. That stuff always takes the longest ( as opposed to the actual SEWING), so it was nice to get it out of the way. I was also able to do a good bit of ironing ( a chore I enjoy) while watching "What Not to Wear" reruns. Does it get any better!?!?

Well--- it did. Sunday, my dear son Al actually got up EARLY and invited me to breakfast at my favorite *out to breakfast* restaurant, Cracker Barrel. Did I mention in his birthday post that he is a very thoughtful boy? :) It is always a real treat to spend one on one time with the older ones.
Next, we all went to mass as a family ( well, all but one.....but 99.9% is a pretty good showing.) This is a pretty rare occurence these days.
After that I actually got a bit of a nap and some good one on one time with Tim. We were able to discuss some pertinent issues. On to the pool with Jax and George for a good swim and some fun water play with them. (Tim brought Jed, too, a bit later).
After that I came home to a wonderful dinner prepared by Dyl and Noah. Cream of Mushroom soup ( homemade) Spinach dip, antipasto salad and sliced baquette. Dyl made a terrific" chicken in tomato cream sauce" pasta dish for everyone else ( not too many fans of mushroom soup in the house) which was hard not to sample as well!
I also got some lovely hand made cards and a coupon book from Jax.

Too much!

Probably only a mother would say that! :)

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Lisa C. Vrazo said...

good to hear about your wonderful mother's day :) such sweet kids you raised.

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