Saturday, May 17, 2008

Little wonders...........

seeing the joy and excitement on Manny's face when some birds came to our Dollar Store birdfeeder :) We tried to be crafty and make the pinecone type........but those darn squirrels got them. Phooey. :(

A bikeride at dusk. Not the safest time to go bike-riding, I know....but we are blessed with a fairly large neighborhood ( not a sub) that has quite an extensive amount of I stayed on that.
I love how the neighborhood has a different *vibe* at different times of the day.
Our neighborhood is pretty quiet, generally.....but in the morning you can feel the hustle and bustle as people zoom off to work or school. That is when the most cars go down the street and there is a general buzz in the air.
In the afternoon, when I usually go walking with some of my littles, it is dead quiet. You might see an odd senior lady doing yardwork or another mom ( rarely) out walking with her baby,but otherwise it is very peaceful.
In the evening, it felt sort of like it feels when you are at a campground. There were some kids still out playing, some in the street having a game of hockey. You got the impression everyone was relaxing and chilling. Sitting on their porch or in their backyard and winding down for the night. A few souls had their curtains open, thus giving the world a look inside their living room. Most were perched on the couch chatting with family members or the tv was on.

Gabriella is still interested in nursing. I don't know that I have nursed anyone this long ( not that it is all that long). Most have lost interest at about a year. I have heard other women speak of their experiences nursing a toddler, but it isn't something I knew much about. It is cute how she points to the chair we usually sit in when we nurse when she wants to. She often giggles the sweetest little giggle of joy. She sings the whole time ( and squirms and thrashes and pulls on my nose and sometimes scratches me if it has been too long since her last manicure :).
Still, it is so dear to see her give concrete expressions of her enjoyment of that time.

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