Thursday, May 15, 2008

Outside my Window...dusk, but bright green trees. We thought the day would never come! ")

I am thinking...about something I will left unsaid :)

I am thankful husband and children, their health, a roof over our heads, good food to eat, cars to drive. with the two terrible catastrophes in the world in these recent days, there is much pondering on how very thankful I ought to be for the littlest comforts and blessings.

From the kitchen...just chicken nuggets, fries and carrot stix for the kids tonight. gulp.

I am creating...lots of sewing. I did a couch cover and recovered some pillows. I am planning to recover my outside chair pads, and do another couch cover ( we go through these like water....obviously :) I've also got to finish my little sewing/craft room downstairs and carry out my plans to paint and freshen up the laundry room and basement bedroom.

I am going...nowhere else tonight. HOO-RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am wearing...Brownish khaki's, a red and khaki striped top with a brown undershirt and my brown crocs. I am so colored co-ordinated. ha HA ha

I am reading... Well, I have quite a list these days. What I read last night was some from the "Laura Bridgman" book.

I am hoping...our rebate check will come tomorrow.

I am hearing...Dylan playing with Gabriella, Jed moaning about the owie on his arm, Manny making Buzz Lightyear sounds, some cooking show on Food Network.

Around the house...Phew, what a mess. Did a lot of shopping/ out and about things today and IT SHOWS.

One of my favorite things...a fresh carton of hommous and bag of pita chips from Sam's. Somehow they aren't as appealing once they are opened. :( I got some terrific dill dip from there today too, and those little colored peppers to dip in it.
A new favorite.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...more shopping tomorrow, kids want to go see "Prince Caspian", too ( we'll see). Belated MOther's Day plans with my mom, Naomi and Ella on for a graduation dress for Naomi,too, Winston's first birthday party on Sunday. Lots of baseball games both days of the weekend. I guess cleaning will have to happen next week. darn! :)

A picture worth sharing- I don't think I have any new ones, but I will get some. :)

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