Friday, March 27, 2009


Neana and I have a joke that sometimes the thrift store calls our name. Usually when we listen and go when we get there we find *just the thing* :)
Today was such a day. Manny, Ella and I decided to go for a walk, and since it is more fun to walk *somewhere*, I had a hunch we should walk to the thrift.
And I was rewarded!
Not only did we find the Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer for 2.95$, we also got some other nifty things.

Yes, it's taking everything I've got not to cut those bangs. ;)

Wood animal sewing cards. Perfect for the 6 and under set. (and sheepish 12 yo's :)
A large bag of colored Popsicle sticks, and little do-dads to glue on them. I've been finding these melamine trays lately at Target or the thrift store which are terrific for a myriad of things; sorting cusineaire shapes, putting said do-dads in when crafting, painting, even eating! :) I can't claim this as an original big idea, it's too Montessori.
A magnetic board with clock/calendar/and then a daily schedule. Included are tons of little bricks with *events* on them that we all got a big bang out of putting on the schedule. :)

Grand total. $16.19 ( and that included two, matching, brand new Transformers for J/M. All the planets must have been aligned today. NO FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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