Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

1. Today's numbers........58-60. Degrees, that is. Detroit Zoological Park here we come!

2. We got a late start on our walk yesterday. So late, in fact, the moon was out by the time we were heading home from the park. :) The little boys were engrossed with it.
"Mom, the moon is walking!"
"Mom, the moon is running!" :)
We stopped at a stop sign and Manny said, as we started walking again, "Come on, moon, let's go!"

4 year olds and 6 year olds. What cuteness.
Although I said to Noah today, "Maybe 16 is about the time you might want to think about not being cute anymore."
Tongue. In. Cheek. ;)

3. I put a pair of pants on Manny today that I could have swore he wore last week with no problems. Today they looked about 2 inches too short. He's really not that far behind Jed size wise. I guess he'll be another Vrazo giant. ;)

4. I can't even bear to write what our heating bill was last month. I am thankful Tim takes care of the finances and shields me from the harsh realities most of the time. I guess he felt compelled to mention it this time as an incentive for the family to keep those doors closed. Tightly.
Where the heck does the gas company get off charging these ridiculous rates? ;)
Suffice to say, it's no wonder they are finding people frozen in their homes this winter.

5. Our parish is having a MOM 2 MOM sale. I got the bright idea to sign up for it. Naomi wants to raise some $$ to play on her soccer team and I thought if I could get her to do the bulk of the work, she could have to proceeds.
Yesterday we got started. 8 bins of little boy clothes brought down from the attic. And that is only up to size 3T!
I often look about in dismay at the large amount of *stuff* we have. It is even too much for a family of 12.
And who do I have to blame but myself? I am the main perpetrator if not the only perpetrator ;).
I guess this is a step in the right direction, but it is far more emotionally challenging than I thought.
Finding little playsuits Al wore! How could he have ever been THAT small? I think he could use them for socks on those size 15 feet. ;)
The infamous Zak sailor suit. The little green rain coat Dyl wore in Sweden. Jed's bear hat. I haven't even gotten to the little girl clothes yet. ( Don't worry, I AM NOT selling any of those items! :) :)
Deep breath.

6. On that note I am pleased to say I did, in the end, resist temptation yesterday. I was at Big Lots picking up a few things and since I was alone, and a thrift store is right next door, I couldn't resist the temptation to stop in. :) I also didn't resist the temptation to put about 5 items in my cart. But I did stop and think about each thing. And I decided we didn't need any of them. And I walked out empty handed. Thanks God, I needed that.

7.Thought to ponder.

"He is not fooled by our pretensions of adequacy. He knows full well that in the human condition, weakness is universal. It is normal. It is par for the course.

Gracia Burnham "To Fly Again"

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