Friday, March 27, 2009

Daybook, the week in retrospect :) March 23, 2009

Outside my window . . ....cloudy, but it has been a decent weather week. At least not bitterly cold if not actually warm. ;)

I am thinking..........about how to do better.

I am thankful for. . .I happened upon a 70$ food processor at Target marked down to $17.48 because it wasn't in a box. It works, but how well, I don't know. I really needed a new one. (It's awesome! Made a batch of hummus with it for lunch and it worked like a charm!) Getting half off a Greenfield Village/HFM rides for being a home-skooling teecher. Yay!

From the schoolroom. . George, Jax and I have embarked on a study of plants. The littles and I made shamrocks yesterday for St Patrick's Day ( only a week late ;) Good lesson on the Trinity, it seemed to *stick* with Jed. The field trip to the MSO yielded a fruitful discussion of instruments and orchestra related components. I was inspired to get a copy of "Peter and the Wolfe" from the library for further emphasis.

From the kitchen . .yesterday- tortilla soup and chicken wraps. I can't seem to find a good tortilla soup recipe. This one was a good soup, but not sure it was what I was looking for. Got a load of apples from Randazzo's for $2.00 so we've been making homemade applesauce with good results.

I am wearing . . black sweats and light blue fleece.

I am creating . . .too much cleaning to do to add creative projects this week.;)

I am reading and watching . . .Ena; Spain's English Queen

I watched:


Entertaining if not any great cinematographic feat. ;) It was mildly reminiscent of "Out Of Africa" (the theme-anyway-
rich,cultured lady comes to a barren wasteland, butts heads with the dashing local, falls in love with said barren wasteland AND dashing local etc etc) but it had a few other hokey elements and that is where the comparison ends.

Of course anything with Hugh Jackman in it is, well, er, um, entertaining. ;)

The Duchess

I was interested in this because I read her biography. I read some reviews so I had no great expectations, but it did win the oscar for best costumes and I am a sucker for a period drama.
It was ALL over the place and none too faithful to the real story. I don't know that anyone can really figure out the real story anyway, but in trying to make sense of it, this one scrambles the brain.
Yes, gorgeous costumes and awesome tour of some grand architecture in England. Note to filmmakers- the "historical women were opressed" theme is REALLY played out. We get it! Let's move on to a new topic. ;)

I am hearing . . .bird's chirping. Imagine that.

Around the house. . .Just trying to catch up on severely neglected housework.

One of my favorite things. .

We all ( well, the 6 youngest and I) went to the MSO on Wednesday. Ella was enthralled and keeps commenting how much she liked the *jumic* ( her dyslexic way of saying music :) :) I think sometimes she has SO much to say she just gets things out however they can get out so she can verbalize it. LOL!

Manny and Jed were a bit squirmy to say the least ( Manny, especially ;) But I had a birdseye view of the crowd below us from where we were sitting and got a chuckle out of all the little boys squirming and writhing in their seats. Fortuitiously, it only lasted an hour. ;)

What did we do this week. . .Dentist on Monday. MSO and Naomi's first Summit soccer game on Wed ( they tied!) It was at an indoor soccer establishment and the first time the littles had ever been in one. They were completely gaga over it. Dyl joined a co-ed indoor soccer league but the games are too late for me ( 11:00pm??) Working on travel arrangements to get Mr. Z home the beginning of May. Naomi has to serve refreshments for the Confirmation this Saturday and has a job babysitting cute little Winston. :) A call to the city looks promising for using the park near our house for graduation celebrations. Another call is needed.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .Gabriella with bear and cute sweater Aunt Becky got her for Christmas.

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