Monday, March 2, 2009

Daybook March 2, 2009

Outside my window . . Just. TOO. Cold.

I am thinking . . .I am troubled by the latest news from Washington that the current administration will rescind the protections to medical workers who won't do certain procedures because of their own moral convictions. What will become of my pro-life, Catholic OB/GYN? I shudder to imagine.

I am thankful for. . .sweet family times. We had a nice day yesterday. We ALL went to mass together. We ALL went to the cemetary to visit grandma and grandpa V. We ALL went out to lunch. Then we lost a few due to work commitments. :)

We then went to the library with the rest and onto St Cyril where the homeschool kids put on a production of "The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe". Very cute.

From the schoolroom. . .George and Jed are steaming along and finished several of their books already. So I placed an order this weekend for new. Lots of great finds at the library yesterday!

From the kitchen . . .we had homemade chicken noodle soup, crusty sourdough rolls and homemade whole wheat carrot cake yesterday for dinner. A comforting meal for a cold day.

I am wearing . . .navy sweats and a light blue with navy trim fleece pullover.

I am creating . . .more curtains. always curtains. :)

I am going . . Dyl's last game is tonight. Really his last game, he is a senior and his Panther Basketball days are at an end :(. He and a fraction of the family will go to his tournament in Mt Pleasant this weekend.

I am reading and watching . . . I started a book on Florence Nightingale last night .

"Women Saints" by Kathleen Jones. Very thought provoking.

Didn't watch much of anything this weekend. :)

I am hoping . . .it will warm up enough this month to go to the zoo. The littles are buggin'. :)

I am praying . . got a good list going.

I am hearing . . .silence.

Around the house. . . gave the house a good clean on Saturday. I was in a *why bother* funk all week and paid for it :)

One of my favorite things. . . Jed came sauntering into the kitchen on Saturday with a lovely black cross on his forehead. I guess he wanted to keep the Ash Wednesday look going. :) It looked pretty authentic, but I have no idea where he got the ashes?

(Edited to add--he told me it was grease from Noah's bike. Is that not boyish ingenuity? LOL!

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . nothing out of the ordinary. I'm thinking of trying to sneak in a visit to Cranbrook, but maybe that ought to wait until next week.

Here’s a picture I am sharing. .More oldies. Little Noah ( with cuz Vangie--his texting BFF) and baby Manny :)


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