Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daybook November 3, 2008

For Today....well, it's election day and Naomi's 14th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAOMI! I should also add that our birthday girl's soccer team ( Summit) won second place in the National Homeschool Soccer tournament this weekend in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Way 2 go, girls!

Outside my Window… dark, but it is supposed to go to 70 today! Huzzah!

I am thinking…..about the election, what else? :) and Christmas, which will be here so very soon.

I am thankful for….. my dear sil Neana, who is a great help to me.

From the kitchen….I think we are going to grill hamburgers tonight since the weather is so compatible. Pita pizzas for lunch? Jed wants french toast for breakfast.

I am creating…..well, I did end up creating a robe for Noah last week ( for his Halloween costume). Wasn't sure I could get to it, but I ended up waking up extra early a couple days and was able to have a few good hours of uninterrupted sewing time. :)

This week we created a little memory book for Nan's 90th birthday.

I am wearing ......grey sweatpants and hoodie. "Proud Soccer Mom" t-shirt :) Haven't dressed for the day

I am reading.... The Last Empress

I am hoping…..we can go to George George park today for a walk and picnic

I am hearing....Jed and Manny trying to figure out how many days until Christmas

Around the house…most of the first floor got a good fall cleaning, especially the kitchen which Nita helped me do. I think I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take to get that done....and still the cabinets and pantry need organizing :) The upstairs....not so much, but we'll keep plugging away. The backyard needs a sprucing, too....but since the weather promises to be nice most of the week, I'll have no excuse not to get to it.

One of my favorite things: A clean house.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..last night we went to a special election mass and adoration at Grotto. Tonight I think Naomi and I will go out to dinner for her birthday. The littles and I have tickets to go see "The Donut Man" on Saturday. There may also be a burial service for Dad Vrazo on Saturday, too.

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