Sunday, November 9, 2008

Daybook November 10, 2008

Dyl trying to look tough, but he is just too cute :)

For Today....Mass, and then home to lay around and try to stifle a cold coming on.

Outside my Window… a day that promises to be referred to as "November-ish". Gray, drizzling, a bit of wind, cold.

I am thinking…..about going to Florida a week from today. It's going to take lots of planning, before and while I am gone!

I am thankful for….. we have managed to stay pretty healthy all summer and fall.

From the kitchen….for Sunday dinner, Roast Chicken and all that goes along with it, & apple pie. I am SO proud of myself.....I finally figured out it takes 3 chickens to feed us all and I am prepared! I am even hoping for a few leftovers :)

I am creating…..trying to finish painting the hallway and I think I am getting Tim on board to get the kitchen floor done ( or at least started :)

I am wearing ......what I will wear to mass today :) green, gray and black plaid skirt, black sweater, black boots.

I am reading.... The Last Empress & The Boxer Rebellion. I think I am starting to get least the West's relations with China. :)

I am hoping…..I can nip this cold in the bud. Zicam, apple cider vinegar, Emergencee are all ready and waiting. :)

I am hearing....Jed and Manny bickering over the Walmart toy catalog.

Around the house…The new refrigerator is here! We had the choice of spending 1000$ on one that would fit into the little *spot* in between the cabinets this house designer made or one twice the size ( maybe that's an exaggeration :) for 700$. Pocketing 300$ is always a motivator, as is more space, so we went with plan B......although that meant we had to put it in the laundry room. Perhaps not the smartest move since the laundry room is usually piled ceiling high with dirty and clean clothes. I always think things like this will FORCE me to keep it better organized and cleaned. I can hope.

So- that left me with an empty space in the kitchen that looked like a refrigerator was supposed to be in it. :) A thought came to me to dash over to the Salvation Army and see if I could find anything that might work as a cabinet. ( I tried using something we already had, but NOTHING was that size) There wasn't much. I did find one thing that was really ugly, but might have had some promise with a coat or two of paint...... it was too tall. We were just heading out the door, disappointed, when I spied a lovely antique cabinet sitting by the exit. I took out my trusty measuring tape and lo and behold---the right size! Hurrah!

One of my favorite things: A good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..Dragging out warm weather clothes- AGAIN! for my trip south. Will I ever really put them away? :) Packing and trying to come up with a million lists to keep the kids ( and Tim) organized while I am gone. Finish painting the hallway ( almost there!) laundry room, laundry room, laundry room!

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