Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big date last night......

With my three littlest :) We went to see the "Donut Man" at St Gerald's.
I don't know if it was more for me or for them :) The older boys loved the Donut Man when they were little and I have fond memories of jumping around, dancing and singing his songs together.
I'm not sure why, but after the first four we didn't listen much anymore ( if at all?)

Anyway, it was fun. Gabriella was mesmerized, Manny would stop and check it out periodically in between twirling around and weaving in and out of the aisles. Jed, in his usual way, was thoughtfully trying to figure it all out.....although he said in the car on the way home that we should have bought the DVD, so I'm thinking that means he liked him ;)
I had tears in my eyes when he did his "Jumping up and Down" number. Nostalgia.

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