Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daybook for November 17th, 2008 ( or should I say "week book" :)

For Today.... It looks like it might be a little warmer. I decided to come to Florida when they are having record low temps. Figures! :) Still, it is much nicer than the northern fare this time of year.

I am thinking…..about my kids and what awaits once I return home!

I am thankful for….. my parents who are so good to me ( us) and my lovely grandmother

I am creating….. well, I made 5 bead bracelets yesterday. Haven't been able to do that in awhile. I picked some little *weeds* :) that look like starfish on my walk yesterday.

I am wearing knit capri's, gray t shirt and brown hoodie

I am reading...."The Boxer Rebellion" gripping. Once again makes me ponder the heroism of humanity and the barbarism.

I am hoping… go shopping SOMEWHERE today. I am going through withdrawl. Yes, I know I have a problem here.

I am and dad rustling the morning paper and sipping coffee. Ella tossing about in bed every now and then.

Around the house… I can only imagine! :) :) :)

One of my favorite things: the sun, after a week or so of gloomy weather at home :) A Sonny's pulled pork sandwich and coleslaw. YUM!

A few plans for the rest of the week…..Tomorrow, I am scheduled to fly home. I think I must attend Naomi's volunteer opportunity on Saturday am. They are assembling Thanksgiving food baskets for the needy.

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