Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Honest Things about me

1. I have a bump on my right ear that sort of looks like Dr. Spock. Only my grandfather, my dad, myself and now my son, Jed, have it in our family. I wonder what that means? :)

2. I like to be alone. I wonder how I signed up to be the mother of a large family ;0 )? I don't mind being around my family (love it, in fact!), but I dislike being in social situations where I have to chit chat. .....and a cherish any time I have to be just by myself.

3. I have gotten a lot lazier as I have gotten older. I don't see the point in killing myself about certain things anymore, or maybe it is just I don't have the energy. :) Sometimes it bothers me, usually when I see what a state I let the house get in. On one hand, I feel like I am going all day long doing this and that ( usually house- keeping related), on the other, I am ready to put a halt to things at about 8 or 9 pm. I wonder if I was really diligent I would stay up and finish what I know needs to be done even though I am tired?

4. People always seem to want to talk to me at stores, or ask me questions. I'm not sure why that is, maybe I don't look too threatening. ;)

5. I think I have a bit of a *dish* fetish. I love dishes! I have every cabinet, cupboard and any other available spot I can put a dish on view completely filled.

6. I don't like watermelon ( any melon, really) cucumbers or raw onions.

7. I'd really like to go to England before I die.

8. I don't really like homeschooling but I am doing it anyway. :) I do like reading aloud to my kids and doing fun crafty things or art projects, but the rest? I just can't get into it like so many other women I know. I DO love having my kids home with me all day. Isn't there anyway kids can be educated by osmosis?

9. I am a parish hopper. Currently, we go back and forth between three different parishes. Mostly just two. I don't know why that bothers me, but it does.

10. I think Christian Bale is cute. Isn't that a ridiculous thing for an almost 44 year old mother to say? ;)

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Lisa C. Vrazo said...

4. you have a very friendly face, i've always thought that.

10. have you seen him in the new batman? he's pretty darn handsome in that one.

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