Saturday, November 29, 2008

7 Quick Takes

1. I didn't go shopping yesterday. Well, I did, but I didn't go to any of the stores that offered super deals :). I guess after reading the news, I am glad I didn't. I had a suspicion that things might be worse this year because of the current economic times. I did buy some more dishes at a thrift store. Ok, I AM going to get rid of some others to make room and ease my conscience.

2. I think I might have some sense of what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is like. (Putting on my amateur psychologist hat) I almost cringe when I say that, because I know some people go through REALLY horrific things and have to deal with that, but lately I've had little flashbacks about a gut wrenching situation that was going on last fall/winter. It's sort of like at the time I didn't allow myself to really *feel* what was going on, I just had to become numb to it to be able to deal with it. Now that things are better, I get small glimpses of it to grapple with....and they are also good reminders to thank God for getting us to the other side.

3. My mom sent pictures of our time in Florida, and yes, my observations about my weight were again confirmed. :(

4. It's always an interesting time going out to eat with Tim. Not that it happens all that often, but nine times out of ten, once we get seated, he finds some reason why we need to change seats. Last night the music was too loud ( yes, it was.) Usually, there is some to-do about the drink order. He likes something caffeine free, and he likes root beer. There are, however, only certain brands of root beer that are caffeine free. Generally the waitress isn't sure which brand of root beer they carry, so off she goes to find out. Next comes ordering his entree. Because he has some dietary restrictions there are often many a tweak he needs to make to the dish he chooses. They almost ALWAYS get it wrong. After about the fifth time the waitress comes back to check on us he requests the check. I guess he doesn't like waiting around for this, so he makes sure it gets here before he finishes his last bite.
If nothing else, life is never, ever boring with that man.

5. I found a new blog that I find refreshing. It is called "18 Under One Roof". What made me think about this was being at a social event earlier this week where our family size was being discussed and the *Duggar* family was brought up. I know, in reality, people are just trying to find common ground, but I find it disturbing that all large families are now, by and large, equated with the Duggars. Not that I have anything against them. Far from it. I find much to admire there. Her level of organization is very inspiring. I love the way they all work together as a family. The children all look bright and happy. I do know, however, a good number of large families. Almost none of them is like the Duggar family. The lady in the aforementioned blog has almost the same number of children ( 16) as the Duggars.....she doesn't write snappy organizational tips, ways to homeschool so your child will be accepted into Harvard ( she doesn't even homeschool! ;) or how to raise the next President of the United States ( although maybe that isn't the coveted position it once was :).....she just writes about her family, and her love of her children and of being a mom with lots of kids shines through.
I guess that is how it is in life in general. Whether you have 2 kids or 20 there will always be a small percentage at the top who have it all figured out, a vast majority in the middle who have some of it figured out and some of it not, and a few at the bottom who don't have a clue. :)

6. I really like volunteering and helping. I do. But nothing bugs me more than when a group or organization puts out a call for help and you go and then are left standing around with nothing to do! This happened on Saturday when Naomi's catechism class was supposed to be putting together food baskets for the needy. They wanted all the kids there, of course, but also asked that parents come and help. Of course I love being an armchair my opinion was that if things were organized a bit better, everyone could have been assigned a job and the whole thing could have been done in half the time.
Oh well, God bless them for their efforts. I hate to complain ( I don't think I really hate to complain, but I digress :) when people are trying to do good! It just seems like this has happened more than once, though, in different situations.

7. Is Christmas really less than a month away? It's funny how I can now tolerate listening to Christmas songs at the stores but a week ago, they were driving me NUTS!

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